With the headquarter in Romania and strategic partnerships established for Bulgaria and Republic of Moldavia, DTL Medical is a major supplier of know-how and medical equipment on the market, holding the capabilities of offering complete financial and technical solutions for different health structures. Our main fields of activity are:

Integrator of medical technologies

Our effort focuses, first of all, on establishing long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

Distributors of medical devices and pharmaceuticals

Our range of medical equipment includes: ultrasound equipment, radiological equipment, surgical instruments, laser systems, positioning and dosimetry systems in radiotherapy, radiological protection equipment, operating room tables, surgical vacuum cleaners and accessories and medical supplies.

Consulting services

The long-term medical experience of the members of our organization provides the guarantee of mutually beneficial collaboration based on the identification of the best technical and economic solution to meet the needs of DTL MEDICAL customers.


As a result of the long-standing experience gained in the medical equipment supply market in Romania, DTL Medical has expanded its field of activity in the field of complex projects of multidisciplinary medical equipment to state hospitals as well as private clinics. Most of these projects are based on the funding provided from the EU Structural Funds, which is a great opportunity for the Romanian medical units to raise their level of endowment with state-of-the-art medical equipment.