DuraDiagnost F30

Philips DuraDiagnost F30 is an easy-to-use radiography system and delivers functionality essential for general radiography examinations.


With digital radiography systems that reflect a sensible marriage of function and fiscal responsibility, your patients benefit from fast and smooth examinations. 

Your facility benefits from a reputation for quality, by offering reliable imaging services based on Philips proven technology. 


DigitalDiagnost C50

Ceiling mounted digital X-ray system

This high-performance ceiling-mounted radiograph with fixed or wireless detector, is equipped with motorized synchronization type “autotraking” and has a completely digital working mode with image processing type “UNIQUE”. 

The system provides quality images for fast and efficient examinations.

DigitalDiagnost C90

Ceiling mounted digital radiography solutions

By using a C90 type ceiling mounted radiograph, it will be possible to examine more patients per day in a shorter time by reducing the examination time and by innovative methods that will help the efficiency of the examinations.

By using a video camera, it will be possible to offer multiple possibilities for configuring the examination camera, which together with the automatic examination technology help to a remarkable productivity.


DuraDiagnost R90

CombiDiagnost is a remote-controlled fluoroscopy radiological device in combination with a state-of-the-art digital radiography system, designed to improve the use of space in an efficient way. It has a completely digital way of working, with a “UNIQUE” type image and an excellent dose control that makes it a versatile system for a wide range of examinations, from pediatric to bariatric images.


MobileDiagnost wDR 2.1

The wDR radiographic device with the option of sliding the column offers excellent visibility and an easy to handle and park system. This premium digital radiological device brings working speed and high quality images to all sections of the hospital.