ESAOTE is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic medical systems and is internationally recognized as the world's leading dedicated MRI equipment.

O-Scan Light

O-Scan is a comfortable, non-claustrophobic MRI system dedicated to examining extremities and joints.

The efficiency of this unique system makes it the ideal solution for both specialist clinics and radiology departments as an additional equipment.

O-Scan is the perfect answer to the need to reduce costs without compromising the quality of the review and workflow.

O-Scan Premium

O-Scan is a comfortable, non-claustrophobic MRI system dedicated to extremities and joints.

In addition to the features of the O-Scan Light system, O-Scan Premium brings the latest versions of metallic artefacts reduction technologies, dynamic articulation evaluation, 3D cartilage reconstruction, or reduction of exam time.


The S-Scan system integrates over 20 years of ESAOTE experience in manufacturing MRI in a device with exceptional image quality and top ergonomics.

S-Scan covers the entire musculoskeletal anatomy, from the foot to the shoulder, including the most important segments of the spine (lumbar and cervical).

G-Scan brio

G-Scan Brio represents a revolutionary approach to musculoskeletal examinations, which allows for increased accuracy of diagnosis.

The open and inclined system is an innovative way of examining the patient, the way in which his position becomes an essential factor in the outcome of the examination.

Many symptoms of pathologies occur when the patient is in a “pregnant” position.

Conventional MRI may not reveal the pathologies associated with these particular symptoms, while G-Scan Brio offers a different perspective, so that the musculoskeletal pathologies affected by the “pregnancy” position can also be diagnosed.